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Client feedback

DONG Energy

“HiDef’s innovative approach and ability to deliver the right results was important in selecting them for both the Burbo Bank Extension and Isle of Man projects. DONG Energy strongly believes that their industry-leading approach will provide a firm basis for successful consenting, with their unique use of high-resolution video being important in giving the confidence that the data collected would be scientifically accurate and allow for a properly informed environmental assessment.

In the time that HiDef has been working for DONG Energy there have been zero recordable health and safety incidents, a notable achievement. HiDef’s proactive flight operations team has ensured that all flights to date have been completed as planned.

In our work together, we have found HiDef to be a pleasure to work with, delivering high quality products in a timely and proactive fashion.”


“The excellence of the work undertaken by HiDef and the support provided at stakeholder meetings has resulted in SNH agreeing that only one year’s worth of data are required to inform the environmental impact assessment (EIA), removing a major challenge to the project.

This could not have been achieved without HiDef’s support.”


“HiDef Aerial Surveying played a ‘crucial role in getting the permission for the UK's largest wind farm...

…HiDef’s exemplary safety record and determination to survey with the minimum of environmental impact helped to ensure this was a rewarding relationship all around”

Scottish Natural Heritage

The reports indicate what can be done with such data, it would be good to see all aerial survey reports of this quality.”

SSE Renewables

“We were very pleased with HiDef’s performance throughout the survey programme. They delivered the survey programme successfully, often under some very challenging weather conditions.

Reports and data were delivered on time in line with the dates agreed during the contracting stage. In addition, HiDef successfully undertook the surveys without a recordable health, safety or environmental issue.

SSE Renewables found HiDef to deliver a high quality product on time and within budget.”

Hexicon AB

"The cost-effectiveness of HiDef’s offering, coupled with their experience of working on floating wind projects and in Scottish Territorial Waters meant that they were always the first-choice for our project team.

HiDef has played a critical part of the early stages of our project’s development, including surveying in some challenging weather conditions this winter."

SLR Consulting

"It is only through undertaking environmental assessment based on reliable data that we can ensure sustainable development and so HiDef were always our natural choice for the collection of digital aerial data."