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Our projects

A number of our projects are presented in this section. This is not an exhaustive list (as a number of our projects are commercially confidential), but this is intended to demonstrate some of the work undertaken by HiDef and BioConsult SH.

Between 2009 and 2014, HiDef undertook surveys for The Crown Estate and Forewind (a consortium of SSE Renewables, RWE Innogy, Statkraft and Statoil) at the Dogger Bank Zone, in the World’s largest scale digital aerial survey programme to date (we’re pleased to note that during this period, we did not experience a single recordable health, safety or environmental issue).

We are working for DONG Energy at the Burbo Bank Extension, Isle of Man and Hornsea Three offshore wind farms, as well as working across three floating wind projects in Scottish waters.

Our abilities have been endorsed by the UK statutory bodies, including the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC), Marine Scotland Science (MSS), Natural England (NE) and Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), among others, to the extent that they have, and continue to, commission us to deliver work for them.

Some of our other projects include:

BioConsult SH is involved in Europe’s currently largest infrastructure project, the Fehmarnbelt fixed link, where they have conducted baseline investigations for the environmental impact study and are still undertaking monitoring.

The majority of BioConsult SH’s projects are linked to the expansion of the use of wind energy. BioConsult SH is able to provide assessments that investigate the potential impacts on birds and bats, and we assessed and evaluated the collision risk of birds with wind turbines (PROGRESS). BioConsult SH also conducted the first environmental impact study for an offshore wind farm in German waters.