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Aerial survey

Since our first offshore surveys in 2008, HiDef’s mission has been to continue to innovate and push forward the boundaries of what is possible using the latest imaging technologies.

Our bespoke ultra-high-resolution digital video camera system, with our unique use of moving images gives us accurate, precise and scientifically robust abundance estimates for birds, marine mammals, sharks, turtles and human activity. Our use of the highest specification video cameras within a bespoke rotating rig ensures that our imagery is easier to interpret accurately, especially in difficult weather and low light conditions. Our unique method allows us to ascertain bird flight height, direction and speed, and has been demonstrated by independent studies to have a precision unparalleled by contemporary methods.

Our technology has been deployed on projects in the UK, the USA, Republic of Ireland, Germany, Denmark and France and our team has an unrivalled expertise in undertaking survey operations across multiple countries, as well as processing data and delivering reporting from those surveys.

Our technology and technique has been approved and used by the statutory nature conservation bodies and was been the preferred option for The UK Crown Estate’s baseline surveys for the third round of offshore wind licenses, as well as the majority of the offshore wind development community.

We use the UK’s most carbon-efficient survey aircraft, producing fewer emissions per kilometre than any other aerial survey company, a key consideration when supporting sustainable development and conservation.