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HiDef commissioned by DONG Energy for Burbo Bank Extension

HiDef Aerial Surveying Limited (HiDef) has been commissioned by DONG Energy to undertake high resolution digital video aerial surveys at the recently consented Burbo Bank Extension project. These surveys, which may continue into the operational phase of the Burbo Bank Extension, have been designed to determine how red throated diver, an important seabird species, may interact with the project.

The surveys have been designed to cover both the Burbo Bank Extension site, as well as the wider Liverpool Bay area, an internationally important site for marine conservation. Answering the big questions about how offshore wind farms affect birds and marine mammals is key in ensuring that the United Kingdom’s (UK) vision for clean, healthy, safe, productive and biologically diverse oceans and seas can be achieved alongside the deployment of marine renewable energy to support carbon reduction targets and ensure security of supply.

Despite the difference in size of the two companies, there are remarkable similarities: DONG Energy is a world leader in offshore wind, while HiDef is the international market leader in high resolution digital video marine wildlife surveys. Both companies are also committed to helping deliver investment and innovation in UK industry.

Kit Hawkins, HiDef’s Commercial Director said:

HiDef is delighted to be involved with the Burbo Bank Extension project, especially given its importance to the UK offshore wind sector. We are excited by the possibility of increasing the evidence base regarding the interaction of marine wildlife with offshore wind farms and as a company, HiDef strongly shares DONG Energy’s vision that offshore wind is a central part of the future British energy mix, offering long-term energy security to the UK.”

DONG Energy’s Jeremy Martin continued:

DONG Energy is the market leader in offshore wind and we are committed to the UK having already invested in excess of £5 billion. We are pleased to have commissioned another UK company and market leader, HiDef Aerial Surveying, to work with us on the Burbo Bank Extension project. HiDef’s reputation and innovative approach was important in selecting them to help us deliver a successful project.”