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Public Inquiry

HiDef has some of the most experienced experts in their fields, who are regularly called upon to provide expert advice. At public inquiry (PLI), being an expert witness requires professionalism and a calm personality to clearly present a case to the examiners and explain the intricacies, of the typically complex case, in a public forum. With pooled public inquiry experience from across the UK and Ireland, continental Europe and North America, our team knows the importance of explaining the arguments and process clearly and concisely and supporting our clients through each step of the process.

The HiDef team also has the skills and experience to support projects through legal challenges. Our deep knowledge of both ecology and the planning system, including relevant case law, means that we can fit into a legal challenge team, working with lawyers, Counsel and existing consultants to provide a strong response to any challenge.

The legal process can be daunting but working with the support and trust of HiDef staff will ease the risks and helps our clients understand the problems along the way.