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Our team’s years of expertise allows us to expertly support our clients with Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA – an Appraisal in Scotland).

The Habitats Directive (92/43/EEC) and the Birds Directive (2009/147/ EC) establish the Natura 2000 network of sites across Europe. In the UK, the Natura 2000 sites comprise Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) for habitats and non-avian species and Special Protection Areas (SPA) specifically for birds. Our team have significant experience in dealing with these areas and can advise on the best course of action and how they link to your project.

Whatever the assessment of the potential impacts is raising, we help you through all processes linked to Natura 2000 sites, the European designated sites of nature conservation importance. We are familiar with conservation objectives, site condition monitoring and other terms which you will come up against.

Our team has worked with this legislation since its inception, so have an in-depth knowledge of the twists and turns it raises on the planning pathway, including UK and European case law. Drawing on previous roles in the statutory nature conservation agencies, non-governmental organisations, academia and the development sector, our team knows how to steer the right path through this potential challenging assessment process.

We are able to provide: