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Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is an integral and important part of development. By undertaking a thorough and scientifically-based EIA, the projected effects on the environment of a proposed development can be used to help inform and shape the decision making process.

Our team’s experience allows us to focus the EIA upon the key issues, ensuring a proportionate approach to minimise risk, while safeguarding the natural environment and promoting sustainable development.

Our team can help you by:

Our in-house team are working across some of the largest offshore and onshore wind farms in the UK and Europe and that knowledge base and capability illustrates our abilities and resources. Renewable energy developments vary in size and type, and we have the experience to provide the right ecological advice which is proportionate to the project.

Our team has supported floating wind, wave and tidal and onshore infrastructure projects and are experts at tailoring the application to fit the requirement.

We interact closely with our clients at all stages, providing advice which feeds into the designated planning process to achieve consent. We are keen to engage at any stage, whether it be at public exhibitions or directly with statutory bodies in a more formal context.

We provide ecological support throughout the EIA process and services such as Environmental Clerk of Works during construction.